The Huffington Post has a great new feature called "Become a Fan." When you become a fan of a columnist, every time he writes a new piece, you receive an automated email with a link to his new column.

To become a fan of my column, follow these three easy steps:

Sign up by clicking here. Don't worry: the Post won't send you junk mail or share your contact info with other organizations. (If you're already a HuffPost member, simply sign in.)

You should see the success screen below, with my name in the yellow box. Before closing up, make sure that in the "Alerts" section, the box is checked next to "Notify me when a blogger I'm a fan of writes a new post." Then click the "Save Preferences" button.

To check that the changes were successful, you can click "Bloggers You're Following" just below your member photo. My name should be listed.




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