June 9, 2008  /  Pentagon's PD Report

In January 2008 President Bush signed a law requiring the Pentagon to investigate personality disoder discharges.  Five months later the Pentagon released its report, written by Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness David Chu.

Chu's report concluded that no soldiers had been improperly diagnosed and none had been wrongly discharged.

In a recent statement, the Pentagon says that Clifford Stanley, the current undersecretary, fully embraces Chu's findings.



March 23, 2007  /  Army Surgeon General's PD Report

The Chu report is not the military's first investigation of personality disorder discharges.  In 2006 the Army's acting Surgeon General, Maj. Gen. Gale Pollock, was presented a stack of PD cases.  Pollock promised to review them.

Five months later Pollock released the results of her personality disorder review. 

The Surgeon General said her office had "thoughtfully and thoroughly" examined the PD cases and determined that all of the soldiers, including Town, had been properly diagnosed.  Pollock commended the doctors who diagnosed PD for their excellent work.


  March 27, 2007  /  Army's Personality Disorder Memo

Four days later the military followed up with press release signed by Lieut. Col. Bob Tallman of the Army's Public Affairs office.  The Tallman memo says that the Surgeon General "thoroughly evaluated and reviewed" all the cases from the last four years at Fort Carson, where Specialist Jon Town was based, and determined all of them to be properly diagnosed.

Asked later about the document, Tallman said, "I know nothing about the memo and little to nothing about the review."  The Army later admitted that the release was ghostwritten by the Surgeon General's office.


  November 12, 2007  /  Surgeon General's Letter to Editor

After my second article on personality disorder was released, acting Surgeon General Gale Pollock wrote to The Nation, objecting to the article's content.




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