Before leaving office, President Bush signed the 2008 Defense Authorization Act, which contained an amendment written by Barack Obama and Senator Kit Bond.  The amendment required the Pentagon to investigate personality disorder discharges.

The report, which the Pentagon released in June 2008, included an official tally of PD discharges from fiscal years 2002 through 2007.


In 2007, the military's four branches each released their own tally of PD discharges from recent years.  The House Veterans' Affairs Committee had those figures on hand for its hearing on PD discharges in July 2007 and posted them to its website. 

The discharge tally presented in the 2008 Pentagon report doesn't exactly match the discharge figures from this earlier count (below).  One reason is because the Pentagon report covered 2007; the earlier tally ended in 2006.  The Pentagon report also counted fiscal years, while in the earlier branch by branch tally, only the Navy's numbers were fiscal.

Veterans' leaders are now pushing for a updated count of PD discharges, one that extends through 2010.


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